Lone Star Drilling owns and operates a large fleet of drill rigs and heavy equipment and strive for innovative drilling services for our clients throughout Ontario.

Lone Star is a licensed Well Contractor through the Ministry of Environment

Exceptional Overburden Performance: Foremost DR 24 drills have been proven repeatedly in some of the toughest unconsolidated overburden formations, including sand, gravel, glacial till and boulders. The Dual Rotary method minimizes the likelihood of loss circulation and aquifer cross- contamination. And because the DR can drill without fluids, the ability to detect water in low flow formations is improved.

Casing: We can drill 6" up to 24" cased holes with the DR Drill Rig and can install 24" casing, to any depth depending on soil conditions. With 250 Caldweld boring machine using a Vibro Hammer were necessary we can drill to 48" Diameter casing.

Control of Discharge: Cuttings are diverted through the discharge swivel and can be directed via a hose to a safe and convenient dumping and monitoring point. This is a useful feature when drilling at homeowner sites or when cutting must be contained for environmental or safety reasons.

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